Corporate Fundraising

We organize our client's financial portfolio to obtain investment capital in the equities and debt market by implementing one of the following recommendations:

Equity Funding: Capital Markets Group*

  • Private Placement Memorandum (P.P.M.) 506-D
  • Initial Public Offering (I.P.O.)
  • Capital Preservation Fund
  • Collateralization Fund (Cross Collateralization Programs)
  • Opportunity Zone Investment Project(s) (Tax Credits)
  • Sustainable Investing (Energy Bonds)

MONTHLY RETAINER: $7,500.00 – 25,000.00 + 5 - 7% on Funded Dollar Amount

Debt Financing: Business Operating Line(s) of Credit*

E.F.S. International guides the process of obtaining an operating and business line of credit for our client by aligning their financial needs with the institutional guidelines. Our institutional relationships help us ensure an effective resolution to:

  • Maintain their existing operations by streamlining cost and workflow.
  • Develop and implement a new financial plan to improve revenue stream via a merger / acquisition or growth into a new market and location.
  • SBA Programs

RATE: $10,000.00 - 75,500.00 flat fee + 2% on Funded Dollar Amount

*Payments for these services are to be dispersed using company check, cashier's check, or bank wire only.