PARTICIPATING PARTNERS IN VENTURES: Various NFL Players and Entertainers (*)

September 6, 2019 |

Pony Express Land, Property & Investment, LLC

Project Value: $65,000,000.00

Mixed Use Development
Total Land Size: 20 acres

Sand City Development

Project Value: 125,000,000.00

Hospitality - Total Land Size: 39.8 acres

Colorado Development

Project Value: 325,000,000.00

Mixed Use Development
Total Land Size: 120 acres

Anaheim Development

Project Value: 1,200,000.00

Refurbish & Manage Triplex Bldg.

Vitae Pro Sports Drink

Project Value: 100,000,000.00

Retail Product – Sports Drink

Paragon Music Group

Project Value: 3,500,000.00

Financial Management of Music Catalog

Paragon Talent Agency

Project Value: 4,500,000.00

Print & Commercial Modeling Agency

Scope of Work

Operated on behalf of the investor group to manage and obtain investment capital for the development projects.

*Note: Due to Non-Disclosure Agreements for the projects listed above the individual participants cannot be named.