Nestled just outside of Coal Grove, Ohio there is an Urban Styled, Eco-friendly, affordable housing development, being built called Limestone Community; This 571+/- acre sustainable housing community is designed to revolutionize the housing market for years to come, as new or replacement housing within the area, it will integrate state of the art construction, wrapped as an environmentally sensitive mixed-use residential and commercially, gated community.

Throughout this park like campus it will feature its own renewable energy facility that will fuel the neighborhood, as it perpetuates a modern, small town lifestyle, all designed to embrace today’s entertainment, technological and communicative advances; which promises to enhance the lives of each resident by influencing their standard of living, without compromising their key core values. As you review the dynamics of this project, understand you are setting the pace for the future and impacting one of the nations most industrious areas. This tri-state sector between Ohio, Lexington - Ashland, Kentucky and Huntington, West Virginia has impacted the world through its production of steel, coal and petroleum plants, all of which are just miles away. 

While substandard housing plagues this area, the income per capita ratio is ideal for a development of this type, primarily because the disposable income ratio is under saturated. This unsaturated market is there because minimal attempts to expose the surrounding communities to the technological advances given to the rest of the country have not been fully exploited. As you review this investment know that there is an open market of viability within this tri-state sector and all that is needed is for you to believe that the following improvements can create a vast opportunity in various markets through sales, leasing, retail, entertainment, hospitality, franchising, medical, technological, education and various other business solutions.

As a 23-year veteran Managing the Business and Tax Affairs of companies and individuals within the Entertainment and Real Estate Industry; whose portfolios were in excess of 3 billion dollars in assets, we’ve have been blessed to develop Professional teams that understand the magnitude and varied dynamics encompassed with a development of this type. Through this team our worldwide expertise spans 20+ years in finance, architecture, engineering, design, technology, environmental, entertainment, legal, housing and commercial development; where we’ve created corporate structures that’s engineered viable communities which resonate healthy lifestyle choices for years to come.

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