Nestled just outside of Coal Grove, Ohio there is an Urban Styled, Eco-friendly, affordable housing development, being built called Limestone Community; This 571+/- acre sustainable housing community is designed to revolutionize the housing market for years to come, as new or replacement housing within the area, it will integrate state of the art construction, wrapped as an environmentally sensitive mixed-use residential and commercially, gated community.

Throughout this park like campus it will feature its own renewable energy facility that will fuel the neighborhood, as it perpetuates a modern, small town lifestyle, all designed to embrace today’s entertainment, technological and communicative advances; which promises to enhance the lives of each resident by influencing their standard of living, without compromising their key core values. As you review the dynamics of this project, understand you are setting the pace for the future and impacting one of the nations most industrious areas. This tri-state sector between Ohio, Lexington - Ashland, Kentucky and Huntington, West Virginia has impacted the world through its production of steel, coal and petroleum plants, all of which are just miles away. 

While substandard housing plagues this area, the income per capita ratio is ideal for a development of this type, primarily because the disposable income ratio is under saturated. This unsaturated market is there because minimal attempts to expose the surrounding communities to the technological advances given to the rest of the country have not been fully exploited. As you review this investment know that there is an open market of viability within this tri-state sector and all that is needed is for you to believe that the following improvements can create a vast opportunity in various markets through sales, leasing, retail, entertainment, hospitality, franchising, medical, technological, education and various other business solutions.

As a 23-year veteran Managing the Business and Tax Affairs of companies and individuals within the Entertainment and Real Estate Industry; whose portfolios were in excess of 3 billion dollars in assets, we’ve have been blessed to develop Professional teams that understand the magnitude and varied dynamics encompassed with a development of this type. Through this team our worldwide expertise spans 20+ years in finance, architecture, engineering, design, technology, environmental, entertainment, legal, housing and commercial development; where we’ve created corporate structures that’s engineered viable communities which resonate healthy lifestyle choices for years to come.

As you read through the following information it will demonstrate the scope of the overall project (See “Appendix 1” for assignable areas and acreage review “Appendix 2” for development cost):

These homes are designed, built and marketed as new / replacement housing for individuals who are first time homebuyers, expanding families, veterans, the semi retired and senior citizens. Average price per unit will be $310,000.00, with lot sizes beginning at ¼ of an acre, price points ranging from $255 – $375K +/-. Home sizes are 1,500 - 2,700 square feet, with an average residence size of 2,000 square feet, with an average sales price of $295K to include upgradeable features like a Smart home option. 

Designed for the professional, these homes range in size starting at 3,200 - 7,000 square feet with an optional detached Guest House. The average size home is 4,250 square feet, which will be pre sold and built as a semi-custom residence with upgrades. Lot sizes start at 1/3rd acre, price points are determined by location, lot size, plan selected, these homes range from $425 – $950K +/-. The average sales price is $530K, where the Smart home feature is a standard in this residence.

Situated along the Ice Creek streamline designed for newly weds, empty nesters, first time homebuyers, veterans, single parent, and small families. Unit sizes will vary from 1,700 – 2,250 square feet: with bonus rooms available in the basement or optional third floor expansion. The average unit size will be 2,000 square feet, ranging in price from $195K – $275K, with the average price per unit of $235,000.00 and is built with all of the standard amenities: a buyer can purchase selected upgrades as available. Building Size: 3 – 6 Unit Cluster (these are 3 story units)

Located directly adjacent to Solomon’s Pond, designed for the Professionals, moderate first time homebuyers, or small families. Prices ranging from $275K – $310K designed in a tasteful, yet elegant style with dual master suites one situated on its own floor with an oversize bathroom, steamed shower, closets, fireplace, balcony, storage and the other a smaller version sharing the second floor with a third bedroom and two separate bathrooms and a guest bathroom on the first floor. Each unit will range in size from 1,900 – 2,450 square feet, to include a smart home option. The average unit size will be 2,200 square feet, at an average price per unit of $300,000.00.


These homes will host an array of built-ins and some upgrades as standard amenities and optional select upgrades as available. Building Size: 3 – 6 Unit Cluster (these are 3 story units): 

Designed in a, simple style with soft rounded corners, decorative support rails in the primary areas of the house for the medically challenged, wider doorways, hallways and closets, for wheel chair accessible movement, equipped with monitoring devices in each room centralized in the extended stay/ nurses quarters. 

These residence’s, are designed for assisted living, veterans, empty nesters, retirees, unit sizes range from 1,150 – 1,650 square feet; price points are $185K – $270K. A standard feature will be a Smart home link to the medical and security facility. Average unit size is 1,425 square feet at a cost of $225,000.00 per unit. Upgradeable features as available are offered.


These residences are designed in an open floor plan ranging from 1,100 to 1,850 square feet, styled with terraces that over look the community from most locations. The buildings will be built with studios, 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms, some in a loft styled atmosphere that embraces a person or families need for individuality, comfort and growth. Pricing starts at $140K – $225K, designed for singles, college grads, first time homebuyer’s, some veterans, the semi retired or a small family, these units are built with the finest material: with upgrades as available. The average unit size is 1,500 square feet at a cost of $191,000.00 per unit.


That are designed as 1 – 2 bedroom units, some may offer a loft as a 3rd bedroom / family room, with 12 foot ceilings, gourmet styled kitchens, wrap around terraces with a fireplace, all on a stone, wood or carpeted floor. These spacious 1,300 – 2,100 square foot residences start at $195K - $285K. Where the average size unit is 1,750 square feet, priced around $230,000.00 per unit. Upgrades are available.


These spacious residences are designed as single, two and three story homes starting at $245K - $350K where standard amenities are upgraded materials. They range from 1,700 square feet to 2,850 square feet, accessible via a controlled entry, on two levels and a smart home controller. With various floor plans to choose from these 1 – 3 bedroom units, with 12 Foot ceilings, fireplaces, gourmet styled kitchen, on natural hardwood or stone flooring, that over look the mountains or community with glass encased terraces, are a families dream. Average unit size is 2,375 at a price of $310,000.00.


Designed in a, simple style with soft rounded corners, decorative support rails in the primary areas of the house for the medically challenged, wider doorways, hallways and closets, for wheel chair accessible movement, equipped with monitoring devices in each room centralized in the live in / extended stay nurses quarters. Created for assisted living, empty nesters, and the retired, unit size from 1,300 – 1850 square feet; price points are $165K – $270K. A standard feature is a Smart home link to a medical and security facility. Average unit size is 1,625 square feet, at a sales price of $240,000.00.


APARTMENTS (1,650 units): 
Comprised of studios, 1, 2, 3 bedrooms, designed in various floor plans, to include fireplace, gourmet style kitchen, balconies, lofts. Where the average monthly rent is between: $775 – $1,150 each unit averages 650 – 1,050 square feet. Average size unit is 875 square feet at a door cost of $81,000.00 +/- per unit.


Ranging from 300 – 5,000 square feet, selling between $40,000 – $450,000, Designed for the start up or seasoned business owner, whose interested in a clean, modern working environment, pre-wired for high speed internet, satellite/cable, plumbing, etc., upon request each office will electronically interface with the onsite medical center. Average Office Size of 1,800 square feet, at a Sales price of $360,000.00.

Office Space:  Sale / Lease w/ Education / Research Library - 735,000 square feet, at Market Rate, Fully Divisible.


Indoor 6,000 +/- seat Interchangeable Multi-Level Amphitheater

250 Room Hotel and Conference Center

Restaurants, Retail Shops, Super Market, Banks, etc..

Pre & Post Production Film Facility w/ Sound Stage to include:

Fully Inter-gratible Music Studio For Immediate On-Line distribution

10 Screen Multi-Plex Movie Theater / Screening Room (s)

Sports Bar / Restaurant

Interactive Gaming Arcade / Bowling Alley

Medical Center / Clinic

Worship Center, Child-Care and Youth Center

Multiple Parking Structures & Surface Lots

Civic / Police / Fire



Limestone Community shall develop an onsite Waste Water Treatment and Water Filtration Plant, to include additional storage tanks, to assist with reclaimed water distribution to maintain common areas. Inclusive in our design is a Geothermal, water, wind and solar powered energy facility that will generate electricity throughout the community, this facility reduces the carbon footprint substantiality as well as assist residents by decreasing their average usage on utilities; This will generate tax credits and incentives for the city. All lighting throughout the community will be environmentally sensitive, which will decrease the overall community consumption as well.


Within the entire community, we shall install underground cabling, fiber optics, and satellite this will increase the population’s ability to effectively communicate with the rest of the world.


A park like setting with common areas consisting of flowers, plants, ground covering, foliage, and native trees, walking and bicycle paths, 3 ponds, with natural flowing streams.


Consisting of Paved asphalt, stone walkways, driveways, concrete curbs, and gutters, reusable material will be incorporated to reduce our carbon footprint on the use of environmental insensitive material.


Include Picnic Areas, Barbeque, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis Courts, Gazebo, Indoor / Outdoor Pool and Indoor Jacuzzi, Gym, Wet / Dry Sauna, Computerized Research / Community Center / 24-Hour Security; Additional Parking Facility that will be a revenue source i.e. additional parking for vehicle’s, boats, ATV’s, etc. at a monthly fee to the resident.




  • Kling Stubbins: An Architectural Firm for Venetian Resort Hotel, Christina Landing Apt. Tower | Townhomes
  • Jacobs Engineering: Client List: U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), and the Australian Department of Defense.
  • HKA Architecture: Client List: LAC+USC Medical Center, Torrance Memorial Medical Center, LA County Health Services
  • Clark Construction: Clients Include LA Live / Nokia Center, Cal Trans 7th District HQ, Pacific Beacon in San Diego
  • Freilich | Popowitz: Land Use Attorney’s for various States including C.A. | N.Y.|N. J., & 200 other Cities |

Although we understand that there are 571 +/- acres within the creation of this community, I need to emphasize the flat ground portion for multi-family high-rise and commercial development, has been determined to be approximately 12,196,800 square feet with an average building height of 5 – 8 stories +/-. Whereas, the hillside development for single family residential will yield us approximately 3,659,040 Square Feet, giving us flexibility to increase or decrease the development size as needed. As you review the Site Plan illustrated under the "Corporate Structure Tab" then go to "Project Overview Tab"  bring you mouse down to the "Master Site Plan Tab" to see the proposed use of space. 


Predicated on the proposed use of space we are directing our sales approach based upon Market studies, which indicates we can sell approximately 105+ units per year in a sluggish economy, this can increase exponentially by creating avenues of financing for purchasers. One of the proposed buyer incentive programs is an exchange where E.F.S. Int., elects to acquire the buyers old home in exchange for a new one, (almost a 1031 like kind exchange). Another option would be, by requiring higher down payments i.e. 20% or more with payment reserves in an interest bearing account for the first 2 - 3 years of ownership, this should decrease the probability of project failure and stabilize the communities economic consistency.


The Campaign for the upscale residences will be targeted toward professionals that migrated into the area due to a corporate relocation contract (s). Local Corporations relocate 350 +/- professional families per year from these industries; hospitals, oil refineries, steel mills, insurance, etc. This campaign establishes, a rapport with employers to direct their employees housing needs to our community. 


    1. Tri-State Residents: 600,000++                
    2. Existing Business Population: 25,000+       
    3. Local Job Creation: 10,000                        
    4. Permanent Job Growth: 30% 

    1. OHIO:
      1. Counties: Lawrence & Scioto
      2. Cities: Coal Grove, Ironton, & Chesapeake
    2. KENTUCKY:
      1. Counties: Boyd & Greenup
      2. Cities: Ashland, Winchester, and Paris
      1. Counties: Cabell & Wayne
      2. Cities: Huntington, Vienna, and Barboursville  
    1. Movie Trailers, Electronic Bulletin & BillBoard (s) 
    2. Develop Newspaper & Periodical Supplements, etc.
    3. Advertising via Internet and Social Media Outlets
    4. Radio, Cable/T.V., & Print: Satellite/Digital/Analog

Where Consumer Confidence is built on Positive Social Image, by Promoting, a Quality Product that is eco-friendly, timeless in design, comfortable, and stylish.

In an effective measure to maximize our investment, this development is outlined and designated as a green initiative, we shall utilize every viable Government; state and county tax incentive available, with our understanding of these incentives it will equate to a tremendous benefit for decades to come. In addition to the aforementioned we are designating portions of this project to be an affordable housing development, as we meet all of the state of Ohio’s criteria.


To assist those individuals and organizations who qualify, and need some form of assistance; we’ve designated $1 Billion Dollars, to establish, operate, and expand upon public, social, artistic, and athletic programs, demonstrating our efforts toward change within this designated area. This includes partially funding the building of a Medical Facility, Worship Center, Educational and Research Campus, as well as a Housing Relocation programs.

Development cost per acre averages $22,205,673.76, this is substantiated by analytical variables that consist of housing conditions for the average family with combined earnings of $55,000.00+/- or more who currently reside in substandard housing or live with other family members i.e. in-laws, brother, sister, etc. Bare in mind, there has not been an affordable living / replacement housing development of this type in over 50 years within this area, and it is due for a change. Gross Income per acre is approximately ___ (to be determined), all of which is subject to the revenue streams created by onsite utilities, homeowners association, and density based on development type, etc.


Through a non-profit organization called “The Genesis Foundation” it will assist in the development of a church as well as the sale / purchase / Leasing of up to 300 units that will be structured and designed to assist, single parent household’s with children, veterans, and the disabled to obtain a new residence within our community. Inclusive in the aforementioned is the creation of an enterprise zone for new or existing businesses that need consulting, financial and management assistance on how to migrate into our community. An educational scholarship program geared toward assisting college students who have selected a specific major in a school of there choice to include a traditional 4 year college, trade schools, fashion, technical or schools of the arts. The assistance offered will be designed to work with internship programs throughout the world. The total budget allocated to implement this program directive is $350,000,000.00.

We have researched the development of a middle and or high school that is being considered, however that will be determined once we have populated the community and a viable assessment to that need has been determined.


Our funding is based upon a combination of scenarios; wherein certain segments are guaranteed or underwritten by Government Program (s), the following represents the proposed Operating and Funding Structure 


      1. Each Public Corporation shall have it’s own Board of Directors:Estimated Project Cost $15 Billion
        Estimated Project Cost $15 BillionCorporate Reserve Account $5 Billion
        1. E.F.S. International a Holding Co. / Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) 
        2. CO.TE.EN. Corp. A Technologies / Communication / Entertainment Co.
        3. E.R.I.N. Industries an Environmental / Renewable Energy / Infrastructure Co 
      2. Development Period 10 – 15 

      - First Round Goal $7 - $12,000,000.00 Per Entity
      - First right of refusal on vesting after 50%+ of principal is repaid.
      - Anticipated Return 8% - 12%+ based upon commitment period / participation amount.
      - Min. Preferred Stock Shares Available 15,000,000
      - Preferred Stock on Shares Issued through PPM Reg. D-506 Filing
      - Eighteen (18%) Percent of Preferred Shares Offered in each entity are available for purchase
      - Average Cost Per Share $100.00
      - Minimum Preferred Shares Purchased Per Investor 500
      - Minimum Preferred Commitment $50,000.00
      - Average Investment Period 24 months +/-
      - Two Million Premium Shares Per Corporate Entity, Available for Sale
      - Premium Investment Amount $1,000,000.00
      - Minimum Shares of Stock for Premium Acquisition 10,000
      - Premium Investment Period 36 - 48 months
      - Investor Agreement outlining a projected Min. / Max. Return
      - Preferred Return on Capital Investment is based on Fair Market Evaluation Analysis
    3. Repayment of Investor (s) Funds will be held in a Corporate Reserve Account designated for Disbursement while:
      1. Additional Capital is Raised with the Public Offering issuance of:
        1. Stocks
        2. Bonds
        3. Short & Long Term Corporate Notes (1, 3, 5, 7 & 10 year)
        4. Revenue is Generated Thru Residential / Commercial Sales and Leasing
        5. Selling our Utilities and Technology Services to A.E.P. and other local residents
        6. Operation of Entertainment, Hospitality, and Conference Cente
        7. Some Investment Capital will be guaranteed by the Federal Governmen
        8. Tax Credits for Empowerment Zone’s, Redevelopment Areas, Renewable Energy, Charitable, Infrastructure, etc.
        9. Additional Investment Capital will be generated through the issuance of:
          1. Asset and or Cash Back Medium Term Notes (MTN),
          2. Stand By Letters of Credit, and Bank Guarantees
          3. Market conditions will improve and investment capital increases as we build, payoff debt, implement corporate shells within these primary markets NYSE, Tokyo & London. This will repay Investors and Financially; strengthen the project for consistent long-term growth.


MODE OF RAISING CAPITAL: Private Placement Memorandum

Acquire and/or Payoff all of the land as outlined within this proposal, to include seed money

Set up Corporate Offices within the Development Site to include acquiring Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment, Computers, Servers, Printers, Peripherals and other Inter-grated Software

Identify, Acquire and Prepare the Corporate Shells for the Pre-Initial Public Offering and Initial Public Offering process

Begin 2nd Round Fund Raising by the 3rd month of achieving our 1st round goal to maintain consistent Operations and Development Flow, to include the PRE-IPO & IPO Preparation process

Negotiate / Acquire Heavy Duty Equipment, Trucks, Tools, Supplies, Materials, Onsite Water and Fuel Storage Facility to Begin Clearing, Grubbing and Site Preparation for Subdividing of Property.

Complete the Creation of Architectural, Engineering, Technological, and Master Site Plan to include 3-D modeling and imaging, as well as engaging an MAI Appraiser and Marketing Firm for Feasibility Studies to evaluate, quantify in support of each development segments.

Direct Legal Counsel to Organize all corporate documentation to incorporate the development into becoming its own city, Prepare PRE - IPO / IPO information to be Processed, Outline CC& R’s for each Community Segment, Draft Contractor / Vendor Operating Agreements, Review and Implement Insurance Requirements in adherence to all city/ county /state agencies, Drafting of Sales / Lease Agreements, etc.

Redraft Executive Summary into a Comprehensive Operating Business Plan which reflect Industry Standards for each Public Corporations contribution into the Development Community; including outlining departmental staffing criteria, policies & procedures, employee retirement & benefits plan, community guidelines, development rules and regulations, operational charters for the City of Limestone, its Renewable Energy, Technology and Entertainment components.

Engage CPA, Accountants and Bookkeepers for Preparation of Certified Financial Statements, Balance Sheets, Quarterly & Semi Annual Reporting to complete Financial Forecasting, Feasibility Studies and Corporate Tax Returns

Engage Securities Firm to underwrite the corporation for issuing Stocks, Bonds, Corporate Notes, etc., as part of the Pre-Initial Public Offering Preparation and the Initial Public Offering Process

Submit Applications / Development Permits with the Federal Government, County, and /or State of Ohio for Renewable Energy, Medical and Commercial Buildings greater than 4 stories.

Begin Site Preparation, to include excavation, trenching, for site layout of the Infrastructure, sewer and installation of underground utilities; complete the grading process for useable site Pads which will implement the Project Development in Phases for Onsite Construction Models.  

Initiate the Selection Process for up to 10,000 Employees, Consultants & Contractors to work within various areas of focus like:          

      1). Office Operations
      2). Accounting                          
      3). Bookkeepers
      4). Clerical Assistants              
      5). Administrative Staffing
      6). Manager
      7). Sales Associates
      8). Marketing Rep’s
      9). Advertising Consultants
      10). Clearing & Grubbing
      11). Site Preparation
      12). Contractors
      13). Engineers
      14). Planners
      15). Equipment Operators
      16). Geological Surveyors
      17). Environmentalist
      18). Lobbyist
      19). Development Inspectors
      20). Security Officers
      21). Insurance Monitors


Create Marketing, Print & Commercial Ads, Social Media Placements / Campaigns to interface with Facebook, Twitter, You-Tube, Google, Linkedin, etc.

Implement Selection of the Domestic & International Board of Directors for each Public Corporation in accordance to Industry Standards, Specification and Requirements to initiate the Pre-IPO Preparation & IPO Process for funding these Public Companies / Corporations.

Upgrade and Redesign Community Development and Corporate Investment Website to include Social Network links, Online Registration for Sales and Touring the Development Community to Select there Commercial, Retail and Residential Units.

Engage Commercial and Residential Real Estate Agencies to begin Pre-Sales, Pre-Leasing, Booking the Indoor Amphitheater, Hotel Operations, Conference Center for Meetings, Office Condo’s, Retail Space, Residences, Apartments, etc, to generate revenue.

Create, Organize, Negotiate and Pay Broker / Dealers that participate during each phase of the fund raising process, to include setting up and implementing an independent management division to consistently evaluate, monitor, track and trade our securities portfolio for accurate reporting and in accordance with the SEC Guidelines for investor relations.


MODE OF RAISING CAPITAL: Private Placement Memorandum

Repay “Round 1” Investors to include accruable interest on the current debt.

Initiate the IPO Process through each Industries Specific Public Corporation / Shell

Outline, Direct and Implement the Affairs of each individual Public Corporation / Shell throughout it’s IPO Process to begin raising the 3rd Third Round of Funding.

Acquire additional Development Equipment: Dump / Water / Pick Up Trucks, Bull Dozers, Excavators, Backhoes, Rollers, Water & Fuel Storage Tanks, Buckets, Blades, Pins, Tools, Building Materials, etc. These items will excavate, grade, trench, install, and construct all buildings, parks, ponds, streams, walking paths, etc.

Implement the drafting of Medium Term Notes, Bank Guarantees, SBLC, Corporate Notes, Bonds, etc.

Draft and Implement Convertible Notes & Bonds, SBLC and Bank Guarantees to assist in underwriting and fund raising on future rounds of Debt & Equity within the development Project.

Creation of Renewable Energy Bond, which maybe guaranteed by the Federal Government

Engage CPA Firm to maintain work flow and consistency of all Financial Documents

Excavate, Grade and Prepare, the Residential site pads to Construct multiple phases of Single Family, Townhome, Condominiums and Condo Styled Apartments

Layout, Design, and Implement the Construction of the 6,000 seat indoor Amphitheater, 250 Room Hotel w/ Conference Center, Interactive Gaming Arcade, Bowling Alley and other Entertainment Components

Design, Layout and Construct the Renewable Energy Center to include site preparation, ordering to assemble building materials that include solar, glass, hydro, wind, and geothermal panels, for installation of underground water, electricity & sewer lines, this will integrate the entire community to operate on its own Utility Grid; stubbing each to its designated structure. To include researching the implementation of a guarantee by the Federal Government on the infrastructure; i.e. streets, curbs, gutters, sewer, etc.

Layout, Design, and Color Coding to Construct, the State of the Art Technology Center which will include site preparation, stubbing, cabling / fiber optics for smart technology interface to each building, residence and facility. Inclusive in the aforementioned will be security cameras throughout the Community, Infrared motion detectors, Traffic & Street Lighting, etc to include Research the implementation of a guarantee by the Federal Government on the Technology

Layout, Design, and Develop Office Condominiums, Commercial Space, retail shops,    supermarkets, banks, Hospitals, Church’s, etc.  



CAPITAL GOAL: $6 Billion – $20 Billion
MODE OF RAISING CAPITAL: Initial Public Offering

Maintain the operations and continue the expansion of the development community,

Repay the accumulated debt from the previous phases of fund raising

Implement the circulation of the MTN, Corporate Notes, Bonds, etc.

Create the Capital Reserve Account of 5 Billion dollars,

Select a staff to operate the following departments:

      1). Police
      2). Fire & Safety
      3). Public / Open Spaces
      4). Transportation
      5). Engineering
      6). Health & Public Welfare
      7). Special Events Coordinator
      8). City Council
      9). Business Svcs.
      10). Hospitality
      11). Concierge
      12). Inspectors


Collect the following from the local residents, businesses, and patrons for the use of:

      1). Utilities (electricity, water, gas)
      2). Telephone
      3). Rubbish Pickup
      4). Street Maintenance
      5). Home Owners Association
      6). City Taxes
      7). Cable
      8). Internet


Transfer all accumulated revenue from the sales, leasing and operation of the residential, commercial and entertainment facilities within the community into the associated securities accounts to pay down and or off all incurred debt, as created through the analysis process, debt /equity evaluations and income projections for the securities used to fund the project.


Prepare and issue an insurance bond / policy on the city to protect it from proposed liability, theft, accidents, fire, floods, and natural disasters; this should be underwritten by a series of major   insurance companies and guaranteed in some way by the Federal Government. 

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