E.F.S. International, Inc is a private equity, financial management firm whose purpose is to posture Limestone Community, an Urban Styled, Eco friendly, affordable housing development; This 570+/- acre sustainable housing community is designed to revolutionize the housing market for years to come, as new or replacement housing within the Ohio area, it will integrate state of the art construction, wrapped as an environmentally sensitive mixed-use residential and commercially, gated community.

Throughout this park like campus it will feature its own renewable energy facility that will fuel the neighborhood, as it perpetuates a modern, small town lifestyle, all designed to embrace today’s entertainment, technological and communicative advances; which promises to enhance the lives of each resident by influencing their standard of living, without compromising their key core values. As you review the dynamics of this project, understand you are setting the pace for the future and impacting one of the nations most industrious areas, in obtaining investment capital through today’s global market. Our primary focus is developing investment relationships in existing, merging and relatable markets; not just within the United States but also certain countries abroad, these relationships are essential to achieving our goal of raising $20 billion within a 5-year period; this capital will be used to further develop the portfolios that represent the various segments representing the overall Limestone project, These proposed major industries are:

            Real Estate,                                          Environmental                                 Renewable Energy,               Infrastructure,            

            Entertainment,                                    Utilities,                                             Communication,                    Healthcare,

            Hospitality,                                          Technology,                                      Charitable Humanitarian Programs


These Industries will be represented within our corporate structure through the creation of these operating divisions: 

            E.F.S. International – A Holding Company & Management Firm

            CO.TE.EN. Corp – A Communications, Technology & Entertainment Corp

            E.R.I.N. Industries – An Environmental, Renewable Energy, Utilities & Infrastructure

            E.F.S. International Charitable Foundation, Inc.


With these aforementioned divisions, we can develop the Formation of Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Leverage Buyouts, Mergers and Acquisitions, etc., all of which, assist us in the full diversification of not just the vesting portfolio (s), but it also encourages strategic alliances for investing purposes. To achieve our goal, we will implement and utilize investment vehicles that are globally recognized and accepted within the guidelines of FINRA, SEC, and other regulatory agencies. Each entity will distribute the following instrument (s): 

    • Stocks,                                     
    • Bonds,                                                      
    • Short & Long Term Corporate Notes (2 - 10 years)
    • Medium Term Notes (MTN-Supported by Cash or Assets)                          
    • Stand By Letter of Credit / Bank Guarantees  (SBLC / BG)
    • A Percentage of Investment Capital maybe guaranteed by certin Federal Government Programs
    • Tax Credits for Empowerment Zone’s, Redevelopment Areas, 
    • Tax Credits for Renewable Energy, Charitable, Infrastructure Projects
    • 1031 Like Kind Exchange 

The benefit of working with these instrument (s) is, it opens the gateway to solidify our investment capital, which positions us to introduce the corporate shells through an Initial Public Offering (IPO’s), within these primary distribution and or markets of exchange:          

NYSE                                               Tokyo Exchange                                             London Exchange

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