Completed Projects:

            Ginza Japanese Restaurant:                                                                Antelope Valley Mall, Lancaster, CA                       

            Acquired Date: August 2005                                                               Sold Date: March 2008

            Acquisition Price: $940,000.00                                                            Project Sales Price: $4,500,000.00

            Property Type: Commercial                                                                Property Use: Restaurant

            Total Land Size: 1.38 acres                                                                  Note: Sold with Plans, Permits, etc…

            Position: Management Consultant /Owner                                       Scope of Work: Restructure, Refinance, Develop - Sold


            Christian Ministries Far East:                                                            Yokosuka, Japan

            Acquired: Nov. 2004                                                                           Sold Date: June 2008

            Acquisition Price: $1,500,000.00                                                        Project Sales Price: $15,000,000.00           

            Project Value $145,000,000.00

            Property Type: Mix Use                                                                      Property Use: Commercial / Residential

            Total Land Size: 5.8 acres                                                                   Note: Relocation, Sold with Dev. Plans, etc…

            Position: Management Consultant /Owner                                      Scope of Work: Restructure, Refinance, Acquisitions


            Covenant Worship Center:                                                                  425 South La Brea Inglewood, CA           

            Project Value: $12,000,000.00                                                              Date: October 2003

            Position: Management Consultant                                                      Scope: Restructure, Refinance, Redevelop


            United International Mortgage:                                                         Jim & Sondra Reynolds, Los Angeles, CA

            Portfolio Value: $98,500,000.00                                                          Annual Mortgage Processed: $175,000,000.00

            Position: Management Consultant                                                     Scope: Accounting, Corporate Restructuring, Tax Prep, Consulting


            Renasance Development Corp.:                                                         Mark Walker Los Angeles, CA

            Portfolio Value: $9,750,000.00                                                           Annual Sales: $750,000.00

            Position: Management Consultant                                                    Scope: Accounting, Tax Preparation, Consulting


            Alexander Photography:                                                                   Tim Alexander, Los Angeles, CA

            Portfolio Value: $3,500,000.00                                                           Annual Sales: $450,000.00           

            Position: Management Consultant                                                    Scope: Restructure, Finance, Tax Preparation & Accounting

            Company Purpose: Developed Web site’s, managed the online presence and content, as well as there marketing and promotions

            campaign for Carl Lewis, Master P, Shemar Moore, various actors and models within the entertainment industry, etc…


           Eric Dickerson:                                                                                    26500 West Agoura, Calabasas, CA 91302

           Dickerson Sports Management, Inc.                                                  Paragon Talent Agency                        Paragon Music Group

           Dickerson Properties & Sports Management                                    Eric Dickerson Foundation

           Beginning Date: Feb. 1995                                                                  Ending Date: June 2003

           Scope of Work: Business Manager, Tax Consultant, Talent Agent, and President of Project Development

           Murrieta Development                                                                        Project Value: $65,000,000.00            Total Land Size: 20 acres

           Sand City Development                                                                      Project Value: 125,000,000.00             Total Land Size: 39.8 acres

           Colorado Development                                                                       Project Value: 325,000,000.00             Total Land Size: 120 acres           

           Anaheim Development                                                                       Project Value:     1,200,000.00             Triplex Bldg.

           Vitae Pro                                                                                               Project Value: 100,000,000.00             Retail Product

           Music Catalog                                                                                      Project Value:     3,500,000.00              Intellectual Property

           Performing Talent Contract                                                                Project Value:     4,500,000.00              Intellectual Property

           Golf Tournament Fund Raising                                                         Project Value:     3,500,000.00

           Participating Partners in Portfolio Activity:

           Eric Dickerson, Ray Crockett, Steve Atwater, Sean Gilbert, Anthony Miller, Scott Fish, Muhammad Ali, Christian Okoyo,

           Ronnie Lott, Wayne Gretsky, Jane Eugene: Loose Ends, Baby Face Edmonds, Rickey Lawson, Curt Warner, Roy Green,

           Earl Campbell, Chris Warren, Franco Harris, Frito Lay, Seagram’s, Marshall Faulk, etc…


            Los Angeles Sports, Inc.:                                                                   Owner: Michael Fisher Commercial / Print Talent Agent

            Scope of Work: Managed Sports Camp’s for Elliot Perry, Charles Barclay, Danny Manning, etc…                       

            Portfolio Value: $4,500,000.00                                                          Annual Sales: $850,000.00

            Position: Consultant                                                                           Scope: Administrative Development of Project (s)


            Anthony Miller / Robert Assil:

            Riverside Development                                                                    Investment Type: 250 Unit Apartment Building

            Acquisition Cost: $4,500,000.00                                                       Project Value: $27,400,000.00

            Position: Management Consultant                                                   Scope: Restructure, Refinance, Sell Project


            Transamerica: Employee / Retirements Benefits Consultant

            Portfolio Value: $265,000,000.00 in Assets for 8,000 employees

            Position: Management Consultant                                                  

            Scope of Work: Developed, Managed and Outline the existing Investment Portfolio and Moniter its activity; To include a review of all

            Investments, and employee loans aganist there 401K, explained all delays on investment capital into other marketable securities to the

            SEC as well as created an analysis to balance the portfolio on a daily, weekly, monthly and annualized basis. These reports were

            later submitted to the Board for review, adjustments and approval to distribute to stockholders and other regulatory agencies. 


           REPLAY Jean Company:

           Market evaluation on inventory, conversion of currency, adjusted foreign currency into American currency, as it was relevant to the 

           value of merchandise shipped from Italy to the United States, created a conversion stream that was relatable to GAAP accounting

           methods. This information was formalized into a weekly, monthly report and submitted to the board of directors so that they would

           understand their vested interest in a foreign market.

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