As a 23-year veteran Managing the Business and Tax Affairs of corporations and individuals within the Entertainment and Real Estate Industry; whose portfolios valued in excess of 3 billion dollars in assets, We have been blessed to develop Professional teams that understand the magnitude and varied dynamics encompassed with the various projects as outlined below. Through this team our worldwide expertise spans 20+ years in finance, architecture, engineering, design, technology, environmental, entertainment, legal, housing and commercial development; where we’ve consulted, created corporate structures, developed investment plans and implemented viable equitable solutions that replicate the maximum utilization of the legal threshold limits as outlined within government regulations to stabilize our clients investment interest.

General Scope of Services includes:  

    • Global Acquisitions in existing, merging and developing markets
    • Business Consulting, Implementation of Business Strategies, etc..                       
    • Financial Analysis on the Acquisitions, Sales, or Management of Real Estate,                        
    • Analytical Review of Marketable Securities, Intellectual Properties and Bonds,
    • Project Research & Development Analysis, Staff Development, Feasibility & Cost Analysis,           
    • Accounting, Financial Projections, Forecasting, Marketing Analysis,
    • Tax Research & Structuring of Tax Credits / Debt on Investments and Projects 
    • Global Investment Strategies and Implementation

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