CO.TE.EN. Corporation (a Technologies / Communication / Entertainment Co.)

Create Board of Directors

Acquire Land and Assign property to Corporation in support of stock value for Development

Create Divisions based on end use:

            Amphitheater – 6,000-Seater interchangeable facility

            Music Production Facility (Studio’s)

                 a). Acquire / obtain Music Licensing permission (ASCAP & BMI)

                        b). Outline Space for Music Studio

                        c). Acquire / Create Music Catalog

                        d). Create Budget to Acquire / Create Music Catalog

                        e). Obtain Artist to Produce Music Properties for Catalog

                        f). Negotiate LOI, Contracts w/ Artist for Production

                        g). Create Accounting Dept., to track Artist and Use of Funds

                        h). Create Bank Accounts to Distribute Funds

                        i). Distribute Funds according to Publishers-Production/Artist(s) Contracts Film Film Production Facility


Phase-Two:   Operating Entity: CO.TE.EN. Corp.

                        Instrument Type: Municipal, Utility Bond, Stock, Corporate Note, PPM & IPO

                        Job Classification: Entertainment & Hospitality Component

                        Purpose: Develop the Entertainment, Hospitality, & Conference Facilities

                        Duration Period: 24 – 30 months


            2A). Amphitheater 6,000 Seat (s), Film, Music, Sports Bar, etc

                                    Budget Allocation: $250,000,000.      

                                    Cost Per Share / Unit: $50.00             Shares to Sell: 5,000,000

                                    Total Sq. Ft.: 300,000                          Cost Per Sq. Ft.: $833.33

                                    Avg. Income Per Foot & Seat: TBD

                                    Revenue Source: Event-Ticket Sales     Facility – Studio Rental

                                                              Property & Use Tax   Association Fee:

                                                              Parking Fee                Concession

                                    Income Frequency: Daily, Weekly, Quarterly, & Monthly



                                    2B). Four Star - 250 Key Hospitality, Conference & Catering Center

                                    Budget Allocation: $100,000,000.                  

                                    Cost Per Share/Unit: $263.13             Shares To Sell: 380,040.28

                                    Total Sq. Ft.: 250,000                          Cost Per Sq. Ft.: $400.00

                                    Cost Per Key: $265,000.                     Combined Keys: $66,250,000.

                                    Average Income Per Foot & Room: TBD

                                    Conference & Catering Center Budget: $33,750,000.

            Revenue Source: Room Rental,                       Special Events,

                                      Food Services                       Property Tax

                                      Association Fee          Sales & Use Tax

                                      Parking Fee                Concessions

            Income Frequency: Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi, & Annually

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