E.F.S. International 

A Real Estate Holding Company 

Specializing in Commercial, Residential, Hospitality Properties

and Development Projects


The primary purpose of E.F.S. International is to acquire, merge, develope and manage premium commercial, mixed use and residential properties throughout the world. To obtain this goal we are seeking investment capital from qualified, institutional, private equity, retirement and hedge fund investor (s). These investors have the option of participating in either equity or debt instruments, corporate notes, bonds and 1031 like kind exchanges.  Our Key Markets are:

California: Downtown Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Century City,  Santa Monica, New Port Beach, San Francisco, etc.. 

New York: Manhattan, New Jersey, Connecticut,

Illinois: Chicago

Arizona: Phoenix , Tucson

Washington: Seattle



Round One Fund Raising Goal: 

  • First Round Goal $150,000,000.00

oAverage Cost Per Share $263.13 (see investor details for explanation)

oMinimum Commitment $50,000.00 (based on this investment amount)

  • Annualized Average Min. Return on Investment is 4% (see investor details for explanation)
  • Minimum Shares Purchased Per Investor 190
  • Average Investment Period 24 months +/- (based on this investment amount)
  • First right of refusal on vesting after 50%+ of principal is repaid to investor.
  • Stock on Shares Issued in accordance with Reg. D-506 Filing
  • Forty (40%) Percent of Shares Offered in each entity are available for purchase 
  • Premium Equity Investment Amount $1,000,000.00
  • Premium Investment Period 36 - 48 months
  • Premium Anticipated Return 8% - 12% ++; based upon commitment period / participation amt.
  • Premium Number of Shares Available 11,402
  • Investor Agreement outlining a projected Min. / Max. Return
  • Preferred Return on Capital Investment is based on Fair Market Evaluation. 
  • Repayment of Investor (s) Funds will be held in a Corporate Reserve Account designated for Disbursement while:
  • Revenue is Generated Thru Commercial Leasing / Residential Sales / Hospitality Operations

Additional Capital is Raised with the Public Offering issuance of:



oShort & Long Term Corporate Notes (1, 3, 5, 7 & 10 year)





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