E.R.I.N. Industries 

An Environmental / Renewable Energy / Infrastructure Co. 


Phase-One:   Operating Entities: CO.TE.EN. Corp and E.R.I.N. Industries  


                        Instrument Type: Municipal/Utility Bond, Stock, Corporate Note, PPM & IPO


                        Job Classification: Site Preparation, Renewable Energy & Tech-Communication


                        Purpose: Grading and creation of Infrastructure, to include installation of underground Technology, & Communication Lines


                        Duration Period: 18 – 32 months




                                    1A). E.R.I.N. Industries: Infrastructure: Streets, Curbs & Gutters


                                    Budget Allocation: $1.7 Billion           


                                    Cost Per Share: $75.00                                    Shares to Sell: 22,666,667.


            Total Linear Ft.: TBD                          Cost Per Linear Ft.: TBD


                                    Average Income Per Foot – Bldg.:


            Revenue Source: Service Fee                Property Tax    Sales Tax


                                      Utility                        Association Fee           


            Frequency of Revenue: Semi Annual Tax / Monthly / Quarterly



1C). E.R.I.N: Renewable Energy /Waste Water Treatment Center


                                    Duration Period: 18 – 32 months


                                    E.R.I.N. Budget Allocation: $1.3 Billion         


                                    Cost Per Share: $75.00                                    Shares to Sell: 26,666,667


            Total Sq. Ft.: 2,178,000.                      Total Cost Per Sq. Ft.: $596.88


            Average Income Per Foot & Bldg.:


            Revenue Source: Subscription                         Sales & Property Tax 


                                      Utility                        Association Fee           


            Frequency: Semi & Annual Tax, Monthly, Quarterly & Annually





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